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MG Wellbeing Health Coaching Inc


Promoting Health and Wellbeing, one simple step at a time. 

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Welcome to MG Wellbeing Health Coaching Inc.  I’m Michele Guelfi a certified Wellness and Health Coach along with being a  Board Certified Nurse Practitioner. For years I have worked in the acute care setting seeing patients at their worst, emergently helping stabilize patients in hopes that they would be able to return home in order to work on the healthy habits to keep them away from seeing me again and again in the hospital setting. The reality of the past years pandemic  has led me to take a step up  in health promotion. For those of you who are looking for clarity, knowledge,  and a change I can put my years of knowledge to work with you.  From the mind-body connection, stress reduction, fitness, and healthy weight and nutrition.   Well- being encompasses it all.  Let's talk about what it is that you want to achieve!


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